KEY TAKEAWAYS Cleaning pedals is a crucial guitar maintenance step, as failing to do so results in a shortened
KEY TAKEAWAYS It is generally considered difficult to learn guitar for some but easy for others. For both parties,
What Makes a Good Guitar? KEY TAKEAWAYS Choosing the right acoustic guitar or electric guitar is a highly personal decision
Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar KEY TAKEAWAYS Acoustic guitars ship with a wide variety of acoustic string types, and each
Changing out the strings is a crucial maintenance step with acoustic guitars and electric guitars, as it replaces
KEY TAKEAWAYS Most guitars are manufactured with six strings and six tuning pegs, including standard acoustic models and electric
KEY TAKEAWAYS The chorus effect originated in the Roland Jazz Chorus electric guitar amplifier, leading to the first pedal
KEY TAKEAWAYS Gate pedals like the NS-2 Noise Suppressor work to reduce the prevalence of unwanted sounds in your