Advice For Aspiring Drummers, With Adam Deitch of Lettuce

Advice For Aspiring Drummers, With Adam Deitch of Lettuce

Adam Deitch is one of the funkiest drummers in the world and has carried the torch of funk drumming like with his cinematic funk band, Lettuce. The Grammy Nominated drummer, producer and songwriter has held down the beat for a wide variety of musicians from jazz guitar legend John Scofield all the way to MC Hammer. 

The legendary drummer shared some insight and words of encouragement to all of the inspiring drummers of the world. Deitch and his bandmates have taken on mentoring and teaching music lessons through their program Lettuce Teach. Be sure to check out their lessons as well as their music at


Try to connect with people as well as your instrument.  So many great musicians out there that just don’t have common sense people and business skills. Being trustworthy, helpful, cool, and motivated will get YOU the gigs instead of the unorganized, lazy, late guy who may be the same level of musician you are. This is a business, and it should be run as such, but basic human connection wins a lot of the time. 


90% of my practice time is spent drumming with great records that transport my mind to a place of bliss. I build stamina by playing with an entire record in one sitting as well as absorbing through osmosis the feeling of the record itself. It’s a great workout that has benefited me greatly. 

I also work on things that are deceptively simple yet challenge my coordination. All kinds of different ostinatos between the limbs, leaving one limb to improvise against the pattern. 


Listening is more important than speaking or in this case playing your instrument.  From analyzing the tempo of a bandmates song count off, to hearing when to break it down and get quiet, to knowing what phrases to interact with a soloist are all essential listening based skills. This applies to everyday life as well because when you listen more than speak, you learn MORE! 


Being authentic is something that lets people know you are about the music and not personal gain. We are all trying to move up in the world, but I’m not about to run up on Stevie Wonders drummer and ask him for Stevies email! Ya gotta be cool, and do things when the time is right! As far as being authentic as an artist, some musicians are stuck in gigs they don’t really vibe with. It’s important to listen to your inner self and really visualize the situation you want to be in. I’ve been in other bands that were cool for the time being, but I visualized and worked hard to get to the point where I’m at now with Lettuce and Break Science and I’ll be working ever harder to visualize the next phase. 


Playing simple parts that serve as a function to make the music alive is essential.  Recognizing your part in making the music whole is important to the band and crowd.  Remove your ego and forget the hours spent practicing playing in 11/16 and blazing 32nd note fills and just groove!!!

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