John Morgan Kimock – Hikikomori – Album Review

John Morgan Kimock – Hikikomori – Album Review

Drummer, songwriter, John Morgan Kimock, known for his work as drummer for Mike Gordon (Phish) and son of legendary guitarist Steve Kimock, comes into his own with the release of his solo album “Hikiomori.” 

While this is the beginning of his “solo” career, the album is far from being a one man show. Kimock enlists the help of his father, Steve Kimock, Phish bassist, Mike Gordon, Brett Lanier (of The Barr Brothers), Josh Weinstein, Alex Luquet and Jared Bell. 

The album kicks off with “Love Does” that creates a sound space that sets the table for an ethereal exploration that seems like it’s a vocal track away from an M83 song. The theme of exploration continues to a crescendo with “Negative Space” before dropping into a solid beat in “Postal” creating someone of the first groove of the album. 

The backbeat in “Postal” is a highlight of the album as it brings some funk to the table without losing the exploratory vibe that persists in the proceeding tracks. The catchy groove resolves in a trippy out rhythmic outro that is reminiscent of Aphex Twin or perhaps more appropriately, Mum. That essence of “Mum” is short lived as the title track “Hikikomori” drops back into the ethereal. 

With two back to back tracks that seem to be linked together if by nothing more than name, Old One finds a pulse that samples what could only be Kimock’s most recent family addition. Something about “Old One” feels like a soundtrack to bringing life into this world, setting the table for “New One”


What is new is the departure of John from his jamband roots into a more experimental electronic realm that brings out the true nature and creativity of Kimock. The album is refreshingly meditative and introspective and a great album for a mellow mood. 

Track Listing:

  1. Love Does
  2. Procession
  3. Speed
  4. Negative Space
  5. Postal
  6. Hikikomori
  7. Old One 
  8. New One
  9. Alyeska
  10. Ma B

To learn more about John Morgan Kimock and his new album Hikikomori visit his page on Bandamp.

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