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Wonderbloom: Album Review


   Becca Stevens is making a statement with her new album Wonderbloom.  Right out of the gate, the album hits with a pop centric, worldly tune that has an edge that feels new to Becca with the song “Low On Love.”

   Just one tune later, “I Wish” jumps in with a funky backbeat and a groove laced with tones that would make Prince proud if not envious.  The funky sexy groove hits a bridge that is sophisticated and the perfect contrast to the intricate funky outro that awaits on the other side.  

   The album continues to impress with collaborations with Justin Berger, Kaveh Ragestar that show Steven’s ability to make even her collaborations unmistakingly her own.

   While her singer songwriter sound takes a back-seat to upbeat funk and rocking grooves, her identity is front in center in each and every song making this an album to please her current fans and certainly bring new fans into the fold.  


   Songs like “Charlemagne” and “Never Mine” bring the listener into an intimate space that explores the sonic spectrum that Stevens has built her name around, while songs like “Slow Burn” and “True Minds” show a side of Becca that remind us that her talent is seemingly limitless.  


   Without wanting to compare musicians to each other as the first path in describing a sound or style, it feels like Stevens is bringing together a sound that Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson would be proud of while brainy musicians like Jacob Collier and St. Vincent would be a perfect fit for future collaborations.  


   While I would have loved her to have done even more with experimental funky rock like in the song “I Wish” there is no denying that Wonderbloom shows a side of Becca Stevens that is new and exciting and really bodes well for the future of music.

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