Best Studio Equipment

The rise of the home studio has made it so companies are now competing to make high quality affordable gear that will allow any musician to create a comprehensive home studio without breaking the bank.

When thinking about your home studio there are some basic needs to getting up and rolling.
RECORDING PROGRAM (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic etc.)


Best Vocal Mics

Best Headphones

Best Drum Mics

Of course if you have a full recording studio you will benefit from the rise of home studios. It seems like since more and more people are recording from home, the opportunity the full recording studio has to provide larger spaces that are fully equipped is still gonna be desired by the professional musician.

The cost of equipment for the full recording studio and the home recording studio is in a great place for getting your studio to where you need to be. Technically for a full recording studio gear could also include, MIXING BOARDS, STUDIO MONITORS, VIDEO CAMERAS AND VIDEO MONITORS, SOUND PROOFING, GUITARS, PIANOS, SYNTHESIZERS, WURLITZERS, RHODES, DRUMSETS, SNARE DRUMS, CYMBALS, DRUM PADS, MODULATORS, AMPLIFIERS and more.

With so many different types of equipment needed for a recording studio or a home studio, it is good to vet your equipment before purchasing it. We look at a variety of musical instruments and studio equipment from microphones to headphones and contemplate it’s value from performance to price.

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