Shure SM58-CN Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone Review

Shure SM58-CN Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone Review

The Shure SM58 is the trusted mic of music venues and studios worldwide, making it one of the best vocal mics.  As a touring musician, I believe I have used either an SM58 or SM57 at every venue that I have ever performed at.  This trusted and affordable microphone provides musicians with an ideal live performance mic, making this an essential for best studio equipment. This is an extremely durable mic that can take a beating which is why it’s so popular in live venues and clubs.  

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this in a studio?

I prefer this mic in live settings but have had success using it in my studio.  There are other mics I prefer for my studio but I recently recorded some saxophone parts for a tracks with a Grammy winning saxophonist and he specifically requested to use this mic and we got great results.  


This microphone is solid.  I have seen musicians and sound men drop this mic and pick it up, dust it off and keep using it without noticing any difference in the sound.  With that said, I don’t suggest anyone actually “drop the mic”.  I also prefer this mic for live use and would only use it in the studio for specific instruments.  If you are on a budget and you want something solid that sounds good, this is your mic.  If you want a nuanced microphone and specifically want a great sounding vocals in a studio setting there are other microphones I would suggest.  With that in mind, the mics I would suggest do cost a bit more, so for the cost, this is a great all around microphone.

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