Best Headphones

Headphones are how most of us absorb our music. Rarely has an album ever been made without a good pair of headphone, or several good pairs of headphones.

There are so many options for headphones and which you choose largely depends on your needs. There are headphones geared towards the consumer, there are headphones geared towards the prosumer and there are the headphones geared towards the professional.

There are wireless headphone, wired headphones, noise cancelling headphones, backless headphones and more. There are headphones for just listening to much for enjoyment and headphones for creating music.


1 Sennheiser HD280 Pro Review

Sennheiser HD280 Pro Review

If you are looking for studio headphones that are affordable, reliable and high quality, the Senn...


As a musician you may need headphones to practice your instrument in your apartment without disturbing your neighbors. A drummer may need a heavy duty pair of headphones that will allow him to practice drums while listening to backing tracks. A recording studio may need several sets of headphones that allow musicians to hear eachother while recording live parts. A mixing engineer may need headphones to dial in a mix in a live or studio setting. A mastering engineer may need special headphones with specific features that allow the engineer to know exactly how the music sounds without have headphones that boost any tones.

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With so many options in headphones in their purpose, price and technical specs, it’s important to take a closer look at headphone before settling on the pair that’s right for you.