Gibson is a brand that makes quality products for different level musicians. They are durable, and attractive instruments.

An American manufacturer of guitars now based in Nashville TN, Gibson got its start in 1902 making violins and mandolins. From the design of the violin, Gibson invented the flat top guitar and from that evolved the signature look of the Gibson guitar. Gibson even helped develop the hollow body electric guitar and now has reputable lines of both electric and acoustic guitars, including an impressive pro audio line.

Gibson guitars really cemented their place in music when they brought Les Paul in to design their first solid body electric guitar with Ted McCarty. The result is their most successful guitar to date. The Gibson Les Paul guitar is the quintessential electric guitar and it is a masterpiece that has withstood the test of time.

While Gibson has gone through ups and downs throughout the years as they have tried to expand into new territories, their guitar manufacturing has remained unscathed. The value of Gibson guitars can be extraordinary, especially for the vintage models and the guitar models that have passed through the hands of guitar legends.

Having been embraced by iconic rock and roll guitarists like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and jazz legends like Wes Montgomery, The Gibson Guitar will always remain an iconic instrument in the history and future of music.

Today Gibson produces guitars at every price point for beginner guitarists to professional guitarists and everything in between.