The Funky Knuckles- Delicious

Delicious Album Review

The release of The Funky Knuckles album “Delicious” is still tasting as fresh as ever.  Released in late fall of 2019, The Funky Knuckles put their best foot forward and just keep that foot out there till they last note.  
Each album of The Funky Knuckles has been a display of the masterful musicianship that each member possesses and “Delicious” is no exception.  Where the latest release stands out is in it’s maturity and approach.  
While the album still impresses musicians at every turn, the themes and melodic journeys establish on “Delicious” elevate the album to something more than perhaps any previous album has ever reached.  This is an album that has far more appeal to the average listener than past glimpses into the bands creative lunacy.  

Without understanding music theory or having a degree in destroying instruments (metaphorically speaking) a listener can be delighted by the melodies and find themselves singing along to parts that are memorable and emotive. 

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