Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless

Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless white body

Bottom Line: The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless is a sure thing for bass players looking for that fretless bass sound. There is a sound that you get out of a Fender Fretless Bass Guitar that is unlike any other. Warm and elastic tones are easy to conjure with the smooth Rosewood fingerboard and the intonation allows for the use of beautiful harmonics.

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On the hunt for the best bass guitars… the Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless is the quintessential fretless bass. The first fretless electric bass was a Fender Jazz Bass. When legendary jazz bassist and composer, Jaco Pastorius removed the frets by hand on his jazz bass, the Fender Jazz Bass Fretless Guitar was born. 

The Fender bass comes in a variety of models, ranging from the affordable Squire bass guitars to signature series bass guitars, including Tony Franklin and Jaco Pastorius signature series fretless bass guitars..

The Fender American series bass guitars are considered the to be some of the finest bass guitars ever made. While some of the cheaper models lose value, a well maintained American Fender Bass Guitar holds value and as they become vintage bass guitars, often appreciate in value the older it gets.

Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless

Critic Consensus:

Top critics loved the Fender American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass, recommending it for a more than just playing the jazz genre. With the upgraded single coil Jazz Bass pickups that pair well with the passive electronics, the American Professional (AP) Jazz Bass is as good as any bass guitar on the market with a little more edge than it’s sister bass, the Fender Precision Bass. 

Editors at MusicRadar were excited about the upgraded electronics as well as the choice to use Alder for the body, which keeps the weight of the instrument while accentuating the natural tone of the bass.

Guitar.com celebrated the colourful harmonics that are achievable through proper use of the twin pickup mode. With a full range of tone, the critics have given this bass an edge when considered amongst similar models.

The articulation and enhanced sustain impressed Mixdown Magazine when reviewing the use of a HiMass vintage style bridge in conjunction with the bone nut. 

Other than collectors that prefer vintage models, it’s hard to find a critic with a bad thing to say about this bass guitar. 


The Fender American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass is a solid body Fender Bass with passive 2x V-Mod single-coil Jazz Bass Pickups. The bass is modeled after the Jaco Pastorius Electric Fretless Jazz Bass and represents an upgraded version of the Fender American Standard Fretless Jazz Bass. 

This bass is ideal for any professional bass player that is looking for the signature Fretless Bass Guitar sound that Fender made famous. The Fender American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass is the mid tier Fretless bass released by Fender from 2017-2019. While vintage models are preferred for collectors, the American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass is a highly regarded bass guitar. As the production shifted to the II series, in time the original releases will become collectable.


The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless has the quintessential Fretless bass tone made popular by Jaco Pastorius.


American made Fender Bass Guitars are built to last. The split coil P Bass Pickups are awesome! 

The sculpted neck heel makes it easy to play in the upper register, giving the player full range.

The graphite rods help protect against changes in humidity and temperature and make this this a road ready bass guitar.


The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless is a beautiful bass guitar. It has the quintessential look made famous by Jaco Pastorius. The Fender Jazz Bass line, both standard and fretted, are exceptional bass guitars that have defined the look of the bass guitar for generations. 


  • Single V-Mod II split-coil Precision Bass® pickup
  • ’63 P Bass neck profile
  • Bone nut; 20 narrow-tall frets for familiar playing feel
  • HiMass™ Vintage bridge for increased sustain
  • Tapered-shaft tuning machines; Posiflex graphite rods for neck reinforcement
  • Includes Deluxe Molded hardshell case

The popularity of the Fretless Bass Guitar rose when Jaco Pastorius popularized the tones with his work in the jazz fusion group, Weather Report. The albums he made with Joni Mitchell and her incredible band that included Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and other legendary musicians, cemented the tone and uniqueness beyond the confines of jazz music. 

The ability to play a fretless bass is a bit more complicated than that of a traditional bass guitar, as you have to memorize the placement of your fingers as there are no frets to guide you. That said, once you understand the fretboard and finger placement, the lack of frets allows for a smooth and seamless exploration of the fingerboard and for bass guitar players that seek the tone, there is a freedom that is enjoyed along while playing.

Compared to same brand’s similar models

    • The Fender American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass is very similar to the Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass. Both models have single coil pick ups. Both fretless bass guitar are maple and rosewood based 4 string electric bass guitars. The main difference is in the design and appearance.
      • Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass – B001R2MVVQ

Compared to other brand’s similar models

    • The ESP LTD FL Fretless Spalted Maple 5 STring Bass Guitar is a beautiful fretless bass offered at an affordable price. The U Shaped maple / jatoba neck allows bass players to have an easy time working the fingerboard despite the wider neck for the extra string. With passive SB-5 pickups and an active ABQ-3 EQ, the Fretless Bass is a solid option for bass players wanting a fretless 5 string.
      • ESP LTD FL Fretless Spalted Maple 5 STring Bass Guitar ASIN 2IEGRONFITP05
    • Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 60’s Fretless Jazz Bass features Fender Designed alnico pickups with nickel plated hardware. The poplar wood design allows for a more affordable alternative to the American Professional Fender Jazz Bass. While Squier is operated as it’s own brand, it is still under the umbrella of Fender which allows the bass to borrow direct inspiration from some of the best bass guitars ever made. 
      • Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 60’s Fretless Jazz Bass ASIN B07N2995J8

What’s New In This Model Year Vs Previous Model Year

  • The Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless is the newer model of the this design. The sculpted neck heal and the finishes are seemingly the only real notable differences in the models.
      • Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless – ASIN B08L5RM31X

Reasons to Buy:

  • Satin Pickups Active or passive pickups
  • V-Mod single-coil Jazz Bass pickups
  • Signature Fender Jazz Bass look and sound
  • Slim, ultra-fast neck
  • Slick offset-waist styling

Reasons to Not:

  • There are comparable models at lower prices.
  • The jazz bass tone can apply to more than just jazz, but worth making sure it’s the tone best suited for the music you are playing


Are Fender basses good?

Fender Bass Guitars are some of the best bass guitar on the market. From James Jamerson to Jaco Pastorius and a million bass players in between, Fender has been the choice guitar brand for some of the most influential bass guitar and guitar players in music history.

Why are American Fender basses so expensive?

The American Fender Bass Guitar is quite a bit more expensive then the Mexican made models and the Squire editions. Some will argue that the difference in sound and playability can be negligible, there is a quality that the American made models have that have proven to be long lasting and dependable. This is especially true of the older vintage models that were built when cars where still made out of all steel. 

How much do American Fretless Fender jazz basses cost?

The American Fender fretless jazz bass guitars can range in price depending on the model and year. On average you can get a solid American model fretless jazz bass for between $1500-$2000 USD.



9.9 Expert Score

Fender American Professional II Jazz Bass Fretless

Critic Consensus: Critics including Music Radar and Guitar.com were very impressed by the Fender American Professional Fretless Jazz Bass and almost all highlighted the new design being ideal for intonation and attack. Only collectors of vintage model Fender Bass Guitars found a reason to shy away from this model. Ultimately, this is one of the best fretless bass guitars on the market and almost identical to the one used by Jaco Pastorius, Flea and others.

  • Maintains value and can appreciate depending on the model and condition.
  • Well built guitar that can handle the wear and tear of touring.
  • Easy to play with a smooth fingerboard.
  • Fretless bass has a time and place. Make sure you are committed to the sound if it is going to be your only bass.