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5 Female Musicians That Should Be On Your Radar

This was not easy- its just a glimpse into the all the incredible female musicians right now!

5 Female Musicians To Have On Your Radar


Known for being one half of the indie-electronic act Knower, Genevieve Artadi has stepped into the spotlight with her emerging solo career and the release of her new album “Dizzy Strange Summer.”

While Artadi’s album comes out on July 17, her single ”Godzillaaaa” came out on July 1 and gave us a glimpse of the avant garde, indie-pop styling that we can expect from the new album.

With an approach to songwriting and performance that could be considered nothing short of outside the box and often groundbreaking, Genevieve Artadi is one female musician that everyone should have on their radar.


Natalie Cressman is the trombone player for Trey Anastasio Band and has often been exclusively associated with the jamband scene through association with the Phish frontman.  While the association is relevant, Cressman has become an emerging artist in her own right and aside from her work with Anastasio.

In collaboration with Brazillian guitarist Ian Faquini, Cressman has released a solid flow of Brazillian jazz with her Duo that has started to grow in popularity and bring a style and sound to the world that is both inspiring, beautiful and all around calming.

Her recent single “Already There” highlights the vintage sounding, tender vocal driven jazz style that makes her music so impressive and unique.  With a sound that could be plucked out of a soundtrack from the 1930’s, there is something refreshingly new about a sound that is nothing short of classic.

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Michelle Willis is a powerhouse vocalist and keyboardist known for her songwriting and incredible musicianship.

Her work with David Crosby has been a major focus for her career as well as her collaborations with Becca Stevens, Snarky Puppy, Zac Brown Band and others.  While her collaborative work has been impressive and gained her notoriety, it is her songwriting and amazing musicianship that has her constantly on our radar.

The Canadian born singer has not only established a weekly Monday night live stream performance that soothes the soul, she also has a double record slated to come out this year that features a live performance as well as a studio EP.


Singer-Songwriter Ivy Alex, is an emerging artist that has come from the ranks for Berklee School of music via St. Petersburg FL.  The combination of talent and music education has given Ivy the ability to take an average song and add complexity and layer that is reflective of her advanced knowledge of music.

While her musicianship has her more than proficient on keys, flute, and vocals, it is her approach to writing and production that stand out and make her such a promising young talent.

Those talents are on full display with her new single “Serenade Me” which was released June 9, 2020.


Emily Steinwall is a Canadian based musician that was recently brought to our attention.  Her vocals are amazing but just one small part of the equation for this impressive multi instrumentalist.

Proficient at saxophone, flute, piano and guitar, Steinwall regularly showcases her talents in live performance, collaborations and studio work.

Her most recent work is a collaborative effort on the album “Speak Your Truth” by the artist Tensai.  The record features Steinwall’s improvisational efforts on the flute which are nothing short of mesmerizing.  The single that features Steinwall is titled “Daydream” and has a Carribean undertone while floating in an indie-pop realm that lives in a space somewhere between the work of Nora Jones and Bjork.

While the collaborative single highlights work of Steinwall, for a more complete look at the work of Emily Steinwall, check out her album “Welcome To The Garden”


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