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What is Acoustic Guitar | Best Instrument Guide

What is an Acoustic Guitar?


  • An acoustic guitar is a stringed instrument that is typically made from wood and lacks electrical components.
  • There are many types of acoustics depending on personal preference, including dreadnought guitars, parlor guitars, hollow body guitars, classical guitars, steel string acoustic guitars, and more.
  • Acoustic-electric guitars are acoustic models that have been outfitted with a dedicated electric pickup.

If you are new to the world of musical instruments, you may wonder what is an acoustic guitar. Many of the best guitars, after all, are acoustics, and these instruments are fairly easy to point out. So what exactly defines the best acoustic guitars, and what types of acoustics are out there? Keep reading to find out.

Acoustic Guitar – What is it?

When learning about the various parts of a guitar, you may wonder about the definition of an acoustic model and what sets it apart from, say, an electric guitar. Generally speaking, an acoustic guitar is an instrument made from wood without any electrical components, though you may want to learn how high the action should be on an acoustic guitar.

There are electro-acoustic models with electric pickups; however, that does not impact the strings on a guitar. Basically, acoustic guitars are manufactured to be loud enough when played to fill a room without a microphone, even with the lightest guitar strings.

Types of Acoustic Guitars

Now that you know a basic definition of an acoustic instrument, we can break that down into types.

Standard Acoustics 

When you think of an acoustic model, you likely picture a standard model. These are straight acoustics with no electric components. They are available in various shapes and sizes, including jumbo, dreadnought, and more. Some are smaller-than-average, which is great for new players with small hands. Acoustics range wildly in cost, from $100 to $5,000 or more, depending on the manufacturing location, types of wood, and any add-ons and high-grade components.

Acoustic Electric

This is a standard acoustic design with the addition of electric pickups. In other words, these guitars are acoustic but can also be plugged into amps. These can be purchased as-is by various retailers or, if you are handy, you can turn a pre-existing acoustic into an acoustic-electric by inserting a pickup yourself. If this is your first time trying this process, think about bringing it to a repair shop.

Classical Guitars

A classical guitar is an acoustic with a slightly different design that allows for the addition of nylon strings. This creates the unique classical guitar tone that is so popular in certain music genres. Classical guitars tend to be smaller than traditional acoustic guitars, though the action is higher thanks to the strings.

Acoustic Definition FAQs

How many strings does an acoustic have?

Standard guitars include six acoustic guitar strings for the average guitar player, though there are 12-string acoustic guitars out there for the more advanced players. Guitar manufacturers tend to make both six and 12-string models.

What are nylon-string acoustics? 

These are typically classical guitars or parlor guitars, depending on some design choices. Nylon strings are great for acoustic sounds across a wide range of popular music styles. 

What is a bass amplifier? 

A bass amplifier is an amp designed to handle bass frequencies and bass guitars, though they do work with any type of guitar, so long as it has a pickup. 



“An acoustic guitar is a fretted musical instrument that produces sound via vibrating strings above a hollow chamber in the guitar’s body.” (source)

TIP: Try to play any guitar before making a purchase so you know it sounds good to your ears and is comfortable to play.








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