Rodrick Cliche- Zero Point Energy

Rodrick Cliche's Zero Point Energy album cover

Rodrick Cliche Gets Deep and Personal with his New Album, “Zero Point Energy”

   We can’t speak to when Cliche composed the music that became the album “Zero Point Energy” but there are definitely moments throughout the album that speak to the current state of the world.  

   Multi Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Songwriter Rodrick Cliche has been a songwriting machine since his time touring with D’Angelo concluded at the end of the tour supporting “Black Messiah.”  Having just released a collaborative album with Jermaine Holmes and Yannick Hiwatt, (Jermaine Holmes – “Stronger Than My Fears”), Cliche didn’t waste any time in getting to work on several other projects.

   With “Zero Point Energy” being a solo record, the album stands out for it’s soul bearing, and reflective theme which becomes apparent right out of the gate with the opening track “The End.”  The song “Dogging Bullets” doubles down on the introspective nature of the album, painting pictures of the life story of the songwriter while expressing the experience of living in a world full of injustice.  The point is pushed into the light by Cliche in an impressive way as the very next track “Battery” is a reprise of “Dogging Bullets” and vocal driven interlude all at the same time.

   While the identity of each song is unique with unique tones and masterfully produced beats, the theme of the album remains intact throughout.  Even when the album gathers a playful tone in the song “Jealous” and moves into a rocking funk syncopation, there is still an air of honesty and soul bearing that sits at the heart of the song.  The consistency is impressive.

   Two of the songs feature guest artists which serve to mix up the vibe and showcase the production talents of Cliche as well as the talents of his collaborators.  The first such song is “Love Note” which features J. Vive.  “Love Note” kicks in with the first back beat of the album and might be one of the catchiest tunes on the record.  J Vive has a tone and flow that compliments Rodrick Cliche and shines under the engineering of the vocal track and the background vocals that are as impressive as anything on the album. 

   The second collaboration features Saeed on the track “Black Woman.”  The slow jam is a sensual and thoughtful contemplation that will definitely be the soundtrack for what could be considered the post-quarantine baby boom.


   Overall there is a passion to this record that is emotional, sensual, creative and honest.  Music producers and songwriters will find a wealth of information in each song as the production is impressive to say the least.  Moreso, listeners will find heartfelt music that goes on a journey through the soul.

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