Jordan Rakei Releases Deluxe Edition of “Origin”

Jordan Rakei Origin album cover“Origin” Deluxe Edition

In June 2019, Jordan Rakei released his latest album Origin. And in March 2020 he released Origin‘s Part 2 to create the full Deluxe Edition.

These latest releases feature Common on “Signs,” a live piano version of “Speak” and other session versions of tracks released on Origin‘s Part 1. 

Rakei was born in New Zealand. He moved to Australia before landing in London. He has developed incredible song-writing skills that he brilliantly pairs with this lyrics. He writes of love and life- things we can all relate to. He has a high-trained voice that carries through his albums, along with his piano work. 

     Jordan Rakei’s Origin is full of soul. Its alternative with tastes of jazz and hip hop. This album takes you on a full musical adventure. And the cohesiveness of this record is impressive- it flows seamlessly from start to finish. Be sure to check out Origin Deluxe Edition to hear different version of his songs. 

     Rakei performed a live stream on Friday March 20 for his new youtube series “A Song From Nothing.” Jordan wrote a new song while his followers tuned in as he explained his production techniques and more. This was such a treat while we’re all home practicing social distancing and yearning for more live music.

Don’t miss out on Jordan’s future live streams, performances and albums-

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