How to Put on a Guitar Strap

How to Put on a Guitar Strap


  • Guitar straps are necessary for playing guitar standing up, such as during a live performance or practice.
  • Putting on a strap is easy, so long as your guitar has dedicated strap buttons already in place.
  • If your guitar lacks such buttons or strap pins, speak to a guitar tech and ask them to be professionally installed.

If you are new to the world of acoustic instruments, you may wonder how to put on a guitar strap with an acoustic guitar. Some of the best guitars, after all, are acoustic models and these instruments require straps upon occasion. So why use a guitar strap with the best acoustic guitars, and what is the exact process to make it work? Keep reading to find out.

The Guitar Strap: How to Put One on Acoustic Guitars

Beyond learning how to string a guitar, understanding how guitar straps work is one of the most fundamental aspects of learning how to play. This is something you should learn before understanding all about drop D tuning. Luckily, this process is fairly simple, allowing you to get to the important stuff like developing guitar finger calluses.

Here are the steps to attaching a guitar strap to an acoustic guitar. As a note, these steps also work for electric guitars.

Use Existing Strap Buttons

Your guitar needs strap buttons. If it features strap buttons, just loop one end of the strap around one button and the other around the remaining button. Tighten to fit.

What if Your Guitar Doesn’t Have Strap Buttons?

If you have an old-school acoustic guitar with no electric elements, it may not include strap buttons. To apply strap buttons, purchase the buttons and washers from a local guitar tech. Consider asking them to install them to avoid any accidental damage.

Putting on the buttons yourself is a fairly involved process that requires a power drill, a small drill bit, glue, a marker, and plenty of patience.

A lot can go wrong when installing these buttons, as you can crack the guitar. Go slowly and work carefully. Make sure to draw the holes first with a marker so that you drill in the correct location. Again, talk to a guitar tech before attempting this.

Why Use a Guitar Strap?

Guitar straps are an absolute must if you want to, well, stand up while playing guitar. This allows you to play live in an actual band, though you could still do that sitting down with an acoustic (you won’t look as cool.) Additionally, guitar straps are easy to use and available in a multitude of styles and colors, suiting your individual tastes. Don’t be afraid to shop around for a truly creative design that matches your personality, such as a leather strap. 

Putting on a Strap FAQs

How do I use a guitar strap?

Once locked in place via strap pins, just stand and play guitar. It may take a while to get the hang of using an acoustic guitar strap, particularly a guitar with strap locks. 

What is the perfect length of the strap? 

There is no perfect strap height, as it depends on your height and the design of your strap. Classical guitar players may, for instance, prefer a different length than rock players. Measure with a piece of string from the pilot hole to your shoulder. 

How do I adjust the length of a strap? 

Adjusting the length varies according to the design and type of strap; just be careful not to break any guitar strings and pay attention to strap durability. 


“After the guitar’s body, the strap has the largest point of contact with the guitar player, so correctly installing it is essential for comfortable, ergonomic music-making.” (source)

TIP: Strap buttons can be assisted by guitar strap locks or strap pins that make sure the strap does not fall off while in use.




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