Snarky Puppy guitarist, Bob Lanzetti sitting infront of guitars

How To Play Guitar: Naming Notes

Naming Notes with Snarky Puppy guitarist, Bob Lanzetti

   In our new Music Minds series, Bob Lanzetti is here to help you learn to play guitar with these 7 part online guitar lessonsIn part one and two of the series, Lanzetti begins to teach how to play guitar by identifying guitar notes.

   While there are plenty of famous guitar players that never sought out music lessons, there is a clear advantage to the guitar player that takes advantage of free guitar lessons. This series is geared towards the guitar player looking for beginner guitar lessons.  For the advanced guitar player, we will have some music lessons for you soon.  

   This series starts at the very first step, identifying notes on a guitar.  The simple breakdown of the guitar will help you understand the guitar notes and get you started on your path to learn how to play guitar.

   Once you learn how to identify the guitar notes, you can begin to work on creating guitar chords and guitar scales.

Stay tuned as we bring more free online guitar lessons and music lessons from the minds of musicians directly to you.  Future music lessons will include how to avoid mistakes as well as look at a variety of musical instruments.

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