Guitar Maintenance Kit

Guitar Maintenance Kit

Guitar Maintenance Kit


  • Guitar maintenance kits are a good option for those confused about what to purchase to clean and maintain their acoustic instrument or electric guitar. 
  • These kits come in a variety of designs to suit different guitar players, with some offering more emphasis on cleaning and others more emphasis on repairs.
  • Guitar repair tool kits often include microfiber cloths, a multitool, a neck cradle, a wire cutter, a string winder, and much more.

If you are new to the world of acoustic instruments, you may want to learn about guitar maintenance kits. Many of the best guitars, after all, are acoustics, and these guitars benefit from regular maintenance, cleanings, and minor adjustments. So what is a guitar maintenance kit, why use it on the best acoustic guitars, and what comes in the package? Keep reading to find out.

What is a Guitar Maintenance Kit?

If you are looking to perform regular maintenance and minor repairs, such as learning about guitar bridge repair, a maintenance kit is a good bet. These kits include all manner of useful tools and accessories so you can learn how to replace a nut on a guitar, among other tasks. They are not robust enough to learn how to build a guitar, but they are great for everyday maintenance and cleaning.

What Comes in an Acoustic Guitar Repair Kit?

There are a number of kits out there and different types of kits to suit different players and their needs. Here are the three basic guitar kits.

Cleaning Kits

Learning how to clean an acoustic guitar properly can be frustrating, as some cleaning materials can actually damage the guitar. Minimize the confusion by going with a dedicated acoustic cleaning kit, as these kits feature no problematic chemicals or abrasive materials. These are bare-bone kits just for cleaning, so don’t expect any maintenance materials. You will, however, get some cleaning agents, a microfiber cloth or two, and plenty of other odds and ends.

Maintenance Kits

These kits are primarily intended for regular guitar maintenance, though they typically ship with some cleaning supplies as well. So what maintenance tools can you expect here? It varies from kit to kit, but they typically include tools to restring your guitars, set the intonation, and perform other basic everyday maintenance tasks. To that end, they usually ship with a multitool that has plenty of uses, a neck cradle, and string cutters.

Repair Kits

For the DIY guitar tech, there are dedicated repair kits you can buy to handle minor issues with your acoustic guitar. These tend to include both cleaning supplies and maintenance supplies, in addition to all of the tools you need to change out the tuning pegs, change the bridge, change out the saddle, and even adjust the pickup. These are your all-in-one kits, so they are definitely on the pricier side.

Mainteinance Kits FAQs

What type of kit do you need?

If you are looking just to change strings, go for a standard maintenance kit with a string cutter and string winder. If you want to conduct repairs, look for a more robust kit with a 4-in-1 screwdriver, a string action ruler, and more. 

Why do I need to clean my guitar?

Electric guitars and acoustic guitars must remain clean to ensure they play their best for the longest amount of time. Dirty guitars actually sound worse than clean ones, as the grime weighs down the strings. 

What to look for in a guitar repair toolkit?

It depends on your needs, but there are some tools to be on the lookout for. Make sure your kit includes a range of tools to suit stringed instruments, such as a new truss rod, a string cutter, hex wrenches, a spanner wrench, and more. 



“There are dozens of small parts on guitars that can easily be affected by dry weather, humidity, travel, or a small knock.” (source)

TIP: Some kits also include a capo and an assortment of guitar picks to make playing more enjoyable.



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