Eddie Daniels – Blue Bossa – Album Review

Eddie Daniels' album cover for Blue Bossa

Eddie Daniels – Blue Bossa – Album Review

Review by Nick Ellman, of Naughty Professor

Eddie Daniels is utterly masterful on the clarinet. He is the ideal crossover musician between jazz and classical in my mind. He does both and he does them well! Not an easy feat… This album does not feature him on clarinet as much as I would’ve liked but this made my list because of how influential it was to me in my early development as a musician.

The first track on the album is the title cut and showcases Daniels’ bass clarinet playing. I really enjoy how this album is all duets with Bucky Pizzarelli on guitar. There’s so much space and no competition for the vast dynamic range of the clarinet- especially in the hands of Eddie Daniels. He plays all of his inflections with intentionality and conviction; it’s refreshing to hear a player who seems to be able to play whatever he wants to also play tastefully.

“Wistful Moment” features an impressive solo by Daniels where he doesn’t waste any time before diving into a double time feel. He effortlessly dances through the chord changes and eventually returns to the melody with a sweetness in his tone. 

The standout track on this album for me is “Shine.” As I mentioned before, I’m a sucker for hearing talented players rip through solos at fast tempos. There is so much thoughtful musical language in Daniels’ playing it’ll keep you coming back for more.

Although I enjoy his flute playing, I find myself wanting to skip to tracks with clarinet. That’s probably just a result of my personal preference… but it sounds like that’s where Eddie Daniels is most comfortable and it’s a joy to hear.



  1. Blue Bossa
  2. Wistful Moment
  3. Emily
  4. Samia
  5. Etude No. 14 In F Minor, Opus 25, No.2
  6. Variations On An Autumn Theme
  7. As Long As I Live
  8. Shine
  9. Two For The Road
  10. Entr’acte
  11. Afterthought
  12. Samoa, 2nd Version
  13. A Flower For All Seasons
  14. Blue Bossa, 2nd Version


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