Yamaha PSR E263 Review

Yamaha PSR E263 Review

I’m a big fan of this keyboard as one of the best digital pianos for beginners that are on a budget.  It’s super easy to use and has little more to offer than some of the other keyboards at it’s price point, which is very affordable and helps it rank as one of the best keyboards.  There is a good amount of options for tones and accompaniments, which is ideal for keeping the attention of young beginners especially.  This is nothing fancy and it’s not expensive.  It does not come with a stand but the power adapter does come with it, which is to be expected.  There is an education suite which is okay.  Probably a good way to get started, but nothing replaces a good teacher.  Still, it’s nice to have.  One great feature for keeping the learning process fun for beginners, or anyone for that matter, is that there are aux inputs that lets you connect to external devices like phones and computers so that you can play along to any song you’d want.  There is also a record and playback function that allows you to work on building songs, or just seeing how you progress.

Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard Features:

  • Includes the YPT-260 61-Key Portable Keyboard and PA130 Power Adapter
  • 400 voices, 130 Auto accompaniment styles with backing tracks, and 112 onboard songs
  • Yamaha Education Suite with 9-step Lesson function
  • Aux input allows you to play along with music from a phone, Tablet or computer
  • Record and playback using the recording function.Number of Polyphony (Max.):32


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Does this keyboard come with a stand?

Unfortunately, it does not, however, you are getting such a good deal with this instrument that getting a stand won’t break the bank

Does this keyboard come with a sustain pedal?

Part of why this board is so affordable without being a “toy” is partly because it doesn’t come with a pedal, bench or stand.  Those are expensive parts to add though, and for a true beginner, they are not necessary for getting started.  You can put this on a kitchen table, plug it in and get to having fun.


For the price and being made for beginners, this is a very solid keyboard with full size keys, a good sounding piano sound which is important and lots of other tones to play with.  It’s not too big or heavy and is really geared towards beginners.  Some of the other keyboards for beginners are cheap toys and I think they won’t inspire many people play music.  While this isn’t anything you will necessarily want to go out and perform with, it is not a cheap crappy toy and will inspire practice which is what you want for a beginner.

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