Nord C2D Review


If you are in the market for a portable organ the Nord C2D Portable Organ, this organ and the Hammond SK2 Organ are my go to options.  You can’t go wrong with either.

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The Nord C2D Combo Organ is a rival to the Hammond Portable Organ for best organs and has a slot to offer from is robust drawbar system, rotary speaker, percussion, mechanical key click and authentic organ playing experience.  As any good Organ is tasked with, competing with and simulating realistic simulations of the B3 tone wheel organ is super important and it’s delivered with the Nord C2D Combo Organ, keeping it competitive for the best keyboards.


There are several wonderful organ tones from Farfisa transistor organs to baroque pipe organs.  It really is a great portable organ.  The Nord C2D is the B3 model and delivers on the vintage and quintessential organ sound.  They have been working on perfecting this organ for years and finally have something that can stand toe to toe with the Portable Hammond B3.

Tone Wheels

With 4 tone wheel modes you really get a lot of versatility in tone.  The Mechanical key clicks that they added really helps get the full vintage B3 experience.  I also really like the vibrato and chorus.  The organ has fast response and a solid feel of the original B3.

Rotary Speaker

With the accelerating Rotary Speaker simulator, you get something that other portable organs struggle to simulate with digital effects.  Obviously it will always sound better to run the organ through a proper Leslie Speaker.  This new simulator provides three modes; stop, slow and fast mode that can be controlled from the panel or with a foot pedal (does not come with it) or the Nord HalfMoon Switch which is also an optional accessory.  The rotary speaker really has the ability to growl, which is essential for anything that is supposed to sound like a B3 Organ.

Stero Outputs

The Nord C2D has stereo outputs as well as a 1/4″ jack and an 11 pin Leslie connector, which is essential.  Route this trough the tone wheel to a Leslie and you have quite the authentic instrument.  This organ is also compatible with swell pedals and expression pedal as well as any Midi bass pedals board.

Play Along To Your Favorite Music

Another feature you might find useful is the ability to run MP3s or CD players through the Nord C2D monitor input.  It’s good for rehearsing and shedding.


For this board the MIDI abilities are quite useful.  It allows you to control other MIDI devices through your board and use it with a computer or sequencer.

Nord C2D 61 Key Dual Manual Combo Portable Organ Features:

  • B3 tone wheel organ simulations plus Farfisa and Vox transistor organ simulations
  • Baroque pipe organ
  • Rotary peaker and amp simulations
  • Delay, EQ, drive and reverb effects
  • Two sets of physical drawbars per manual with left hand drawbar preset panel

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Nord C2D Portable Organ come with a Leslie Speaker?
No the organ has a built in rotary speaker with a Leslie simulator.  It actually sounds amazing considering it’s a simulation of a Leslie.  This organ has the attachments to connect to a Leslie and if you get a chance to hear this organ through a Leslie is quite amazing.
Does the organ come with a bench and stand?

This organ does not come with a bench or a stand.  Those are accessories that you will want to get if you don’t have them already.  I also suggest getting a Volume Pedal and a Half Moon Switch.

Obviously the Hammond version has the Hammond brand and certain tones that are to be expected from Hammond, but Nord really put together a great organ.  If you invest in the Half Moon Switch and a volume pedal, you can really get all of the organs tones you could want, plus the pipe organ is super solid.  At NAMM I saw Joey DeFrancesco tear one of these up and the tones were unreal.  Of course most people won’t sound like Joey DeFrancesco when they play, but if it’s good enough for Joey, it’s good enough for me.

I know a few people that own the Nord C2D Organ and they all love it!


9.5 Expert Score

If you are looking for the Hammond B3 sound but you either don’t want to spend the high price for the authentic vintage instrument or you are looking for a more portable version of the instrument, the Nord C2D is an excellent option.  It is comparable to the Hammond SK2 Portable Organ.

  • Great Tones
  • Dual Drawbars for each manual
  • Great Price
  • Internal Rotary Speaker
  • Not quite the Hammond B3 experience (but close)

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