Ludwig Jr Drumset Review


Bottom Line – This drumset comes with everything you need to get started including a kick pedal, cymbals and hardware. This is a great beginner drumset for kids and an affordable and solid about for getting a young beginner drummer started.

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The Ludwig Jr. Drumset is a great option for a best acoustic drumset for kids.  The Ludwig Jr. Drumset comes with everything you need to get your young drummer up and drumming in no time, making this one of the best acoustic drums.  With two mounted toms and a floor tom, a snare drum, drum throne, kick pedal, cymbals and hi hats, and all necessary hardware, the Ludwig Jr. Drumset provides and affordable option for a dinner drumset for kids. The Ludwig Jr. Drumsets comes in a variety of colors which is great for beginner drumsets for girls and beginner drumsets for boys.

Ludwig Jr. Drumset Features:

  • Steel shell snare drum included
  • 16″ bass drum with 10″ and 12″ mounted toms and 10″ floor tom
  • Includes all drum hardware
  • Includes cymbals with stands
  • Includes bass drum pedal and drum throne
  • Includes drum key and drum sticks


Frequently Asked Questions
Does it come with a cymbals?
Yes the Ludwig Jr. Drumset comes with cymbals.  While they are not great, they will get you by until you can figure out if your child is going to stick with drumming.
Is this drumset for kids?
This is a Jr. Drumset and thus it is intended to be a drumset for kids.  I do know of adults that use this drumset as it is small and compact and fits into a small space.  If you upgrade the heads and cymbals, there is no reason why an adult drummer couldn’t make use of this drumset.  If you are an adult you and want to use this jr. drumset you will need a bigger drum throne.
Note:  If you are an adult and want a small kit, I would steer you towards a cocktail drumset, like the Sonor Cocktail drumset or if you like Ludwig drums, Breakbeats by QuestLove are a great compact and affordable option.

Adam’s Take

This beginner drumset for kids is so affordable and well made it makes some of the other beginner drumsets for kids look like toys.  Sure the cymbals are pretty cheap and will need to be replaced and the heads are cheap, but what more would you expect for a beginner drumset under $500?!  The great thing about this beginner drumset for kids is that it is well made enough that if you young drummer seems like he/she is gonna stick with drumming, you can replace the drumheads and cymbals and have a good sounding drumset that your child can use until they are big enough for a full size kit and still sound like a real drummer in the meantime.


8 Expert Score

Ludwig Jr.

The Ludwig Jr. Drumset includes a kick pedal, cymbals, and hardware- so it includes everything you need to pull it out of the box and start playing.

  • Drumset Comes with everything you need to get started, including a kit drum pedal which isn’t always the case
  • It’s super affordable
  • Because it’s a junior drumset you can only grow into it so much
  • The drumheads it comes with ideally should be replaced