Getting The Funky Knuckles New Album “Delicious” Will Be The Most Important Thing You Do Today

Let’s face it…the world can really suck sometimes. But you know what doesn’t suck? The Funky Knuckles have a new album titled, “Delicious”  available for digestion on November 1, 2019.

“Delicious” is like a meal cooked by a master chef.  Just as a chef can take the same ingredients and make them taste new and fresh, The Funky Knuckles took 12 notes every musician use, and made them into an experience you’ll want to hear.

From the first track to the last, the album weaves intricately through mind bending arrangements with a proficiency equivocal to bruce lee defeating an opponent.  The masterful musicianship that The Knuckles have become known for is on full display, while imaginative compositions tell an underlying tale of a world that is “Delicious.”


The Musicians in The Funky Knuckles

The band which features Wes Stephenson (Bass), Cedric Moore (Drums), Phill Aelony (Guitar), Ben Bohorquez (Saxophone), Evan Weiss (Trumpet), Kwinton Gray (Keyboards), once again prove that not all mutations are grotesque and unfortunate.

“Delicious” Album Review

For The Funky Knuckles, this full-band llama collision turned out to be a blessing to the world- The metaphorical llama ride through time and space (that only the music of The Funky Knuckles can provide), is the answer to alot of prayers going out around the world right now.


The vivid imagination of this delightfully insane group of virtuosic musicians provides a remedy to the pain of the mundane in the form of an album. In no uncertain terms, the metaphoric meal we should all be running to enjoy is “Delicious” by The Funky Knuckles.


For tour dates and more information about the album, check out their website

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