Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

      • Layered Sapele Back and sides
      • Taylor Grand Symphony Mini body type
      • Solid Mahogany top wood
      • Taylor GS Mini Profile neck
      • African Ebony fingerboard with 20 frets
      • Natural finish


The Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar might be the easiest acoustic guitar for beginners to play. It features a scaled down grand acoustic body which makes it comfortable even in extensive play. The body of this guitar produces exceptional sound with rich bass, trebles and strong mids.

The guitar is highly versatile and can be used for different methods of playing. Whether you want to strum or pick you will get the kind of sound you deserve with this instrument. The neck of the guitar is made slim and the action is low so it is pretty easy and comfortable to play.

The Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar has been scaled down from the normal grand acoustic body but performance is not compromised. Expect the same tonal quality with this guitar as you would expect a full body grand acoustic guitar. The construction is flawless and seamless ensuring nothing but the best.

You can easily play this guitar while seated without having to hunch over. It is very comfortable and easy to use with full sized sound quality. The Taylor GS Mini is the acoustic guitar for travellers and anyone looking to enjoy comfort with exceptional sound.

Mimi Chase
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Mimi has been working in the Music Industry since 2007. She excels in organization; fulfilling roles as an Artist Manager, Tour Manager & Production, Album Release, Budget Analyst etc. She sees a variety of Gear and Instruments from artists on the road, to venue's backline to hear what sounds the best and whats the most durable. She earned her Business Degree from Roanoke College, and utilizes those skills to promote Artist Growth!

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