Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar

Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar

Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar

      • CT4B II Preamp system with built in tuner
      • 100% Koa body for beauty and consistent aging
      • NEX cutaway body
      • Natural gloss finish
      • 3 band EQ
      • Abalone snowflake inlays


Koa wood is known for producing rich, full and balanced sound. The wood is responsive and the tone produced with the Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar is professional and hard to ignore. This acoustic electric marvel performs great in both modes.

For the electric part it features the palathetic pickup style which has been taunted the best in the industry. There is a CT4B II preamp which ensures pickup is effortless. Channeled to a 3band EQ it is easy to tune the guitar when in electric mode and regulate the low, mid and high frequencies.

The looks of the Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar are astounding too. It comes with a natural gloss finish to highlight the gorgeous grains of the koa wood. You cannot miss the elegant and timeless look that this guitar has.

Each string has a Piezo-electric element that picks up the broader frequency and dynamic ranges than most other elements in the market. This means you get a complete and accurate tone even when you are playing the guitar hard.

Enjoy the warmth and the beauty of the Koa wood while producing exceptional sound with your Takamine EF508KC Acoustic Electric Guitar.

Mimi Chase
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Mimi has been working in the Music Industry since 2007. She excels in organization; fulfilling roles as an Artist Manager, Tour Manager & Production, Album Release, Budget Analyst etc. She sees a variety of Gear and Instruments from artists on the road, to venue's backline to hear what sounds the best and whats the most durable. She earned her Business Degree from Roanoke College, and utilizes those skills to promote Artist Growth!

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