Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit Review

Shure DMK57-52 Drum Mic Kit Review

The Shure DMK 57-52 Drum Mic Kit is a great starter kit for any studio or touring drummer that wants to use their own drum mics.  While I say it’s a starter kit, I don’t mean that as a dig.  It’s a very professional sounding mic kit, especially for the cost.  The included snare mic is an industry standard and is found in many studios and concert venues around the world.  The bass drum and tom mics are solid, not the best but again, for the money this is a great way to improve your drum recordings or have a reliable set of mics for live shows.  

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Does this mic kit come with stands and clips?

Yes, though not “stands” plural.  Just a bass drum mic stand.  The drum mics come with clips and the mics include xlr cables and a carrying case.    


This is a very solid and affordable drum mic package and with the included case, xlr cables and bass drum mic stand, it’s a great purchase.  This is something that you can add to your studio or your touring rig if you prefer your own mics.  I love the snare drum mic and have been able to get great tones out of the other mics.  With some bass drums, I’ve had to do some EQ work to get the tone I want, but that is gonna be the case with most mics in general as every drum and room is different, so it depends on what you want.  Add a couple overhead mics and a hi hat mic to this set and you have a complete drum mic package.  For most home studios tho, the overheads and hi hat mics are not essential as you will pick all that up in the drum mics.  If you really are a tone nut or a professional drummer like myself, I prefer to have mics on each cymbal just so I can really dig into to every detail.  That said, I went with out overhead mics in my studio for quite sometime and have some great recordings in spite of that.

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