Nord offers leading instruments in electronic music such as drum pads, digital pianos, organs and synthesizers.

The Nord Brand is largely recognized as one of the best instrument brands in the business with a focus on keyboards, organs, digital pianos, and synthesizers.

In 1983 man named Hans Nordelius created the Nord brand in the basement of his suburban home while living in Sweden. Nordelius initially set out to focus his efforts on a drum pads, which was extremely forward thinking for an instrument maker in the early 1980s. Nord became important almost immediately as Hands we able to fill a void in the commercial market with the invention of the worlds first digital drum pad, which was produced for the commercial market.

While most drum pads were, and in many cases, still are made from rubber, Nord was able to create a drum trigger that used real drum heads, which to this day is still considered a cutting edge design.

With Nord’s success with drum pad, Nord set its sights on the keyboard industry and began manufacturing digital pianos, synthesizers, modules, MIDI keyboards and organs.

Quickly, Nord became a favorite brand of musicians, producers and songwriters with products like the Nord Electro and Nord Stage keyboards becoming so popular, nearly every professional keyboardist has played one.

The Nord Lead was created to be such an amazing synthesizer, Nord has begun competing with even the analog synth companies as one of the favorite synth companies in the world.

With the Nord C2D, Nord was able to set themselves up as one of the few Organ manufacturers that can stand toe to toe with the famous Hammond organ brand, know mostly for their Hammond B3 Organ, which has become the organ that all other organs are compared to and scrutinized against.

The beauty of many Nord instruments is that Nord outfits their boards with advanced drivers that allow the musician to have access to a bevy of professional quality tones.

The synths include strong organ and piano tones, the pianos have the state of the art organ and synth engines… the Nord brand packs a punch and Nord creates ideal instruments for touring musicians. Most Nord products include everything a professional keyboardist would need for a performance or studio session and with the MIDI capabilities of nearly all of the Nord’s instruments, there is about nothing a Nord keyboard can’t do.

Every year, Nord pushes their technology to new heights and maintains it’s role as an industry leader.