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Moses Sumney slowly releases songs off his new album “Grae”

Moses Sumney Grae album coverWe’ve seen it before. And now its becoming a trend.

In 2017, Beck released his album “Colors” a single at a time and when the album dropped, you probably recognized most or all of the songs. Its smart marketing for the Artist and its great for music consumers.


Consumers get to enjoy a steady stream of new music from their favorite musicians and its still exciting to hear the full album when its finally released. There’s nothing wrong with releasing an album a song at a time. In fact, its becoming a thing in the music industry.



Moses Sumney is releasing his 2020 album Grae in two parts and he’s releasing a new single each month.


Grae Part 1 was released February 21 and Part 2 will release May 15. In the meantime, make sure to follow Moses on Instagram… he released one song simply by asking his followers if he should drop a song at midnight, which of course they voted YES!

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