Gabriel Garzon-Montano Releases New Single

Gabriel Garzon-Montano photo“Someone / Aguita / Bloom”

In late February 2020, Gabriel made a comment on social media that he was “back from his nap” as he introduced his new single  “Someone / Aguita / Bloom” released by Colors the very next day.

Just as the title suggests, this track has 3 main parts- all completely different from another and all beautifully knit together by this multi-instrumentalist. Someone intros the song with a sexy r&b beat and Garbriel’s romantic vocals. Aguila moves into a sexy, upbeat hispanic dance rythm that makes you want to shake your hips with his beautiful spanish lyrics. Bloom lays the song down with an alternative feel similar to this New Yorker’s 2017 album Jardin.

     Gabriel had performances scheduled April 1 in NY and April 7 in London- both are being re-scheduled due to Coronavirus. He said he looks forward to performing again soon.

     Artists in all genres, all countries, all levels are deeply feeling the pains of this widespread pandemic.

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