“Untitled” Barz and Boardz by Adam Ledbetter

Welcome to Barz and Boardz

“Barz & Boardz is a video series that features me rapping while accompanying myself on various keybaords. The origin of this concept began while still in middle school in Oklahoma City. I attended a performing arts as a piano major and developed an unusual assortment of obsessions. Frederic Chopin, Busta Rhymes, Richard Smallwood & Oscar Peterson were my four corners. I spent all my lunch hours transcribing my favorite rap verses and banging out solo piano reductions of the beats. Now all of the raps and grooves are original. The goal of this series is to take the art of rap into unprecedented territory by way of odd meters, uncommon stylistic juxtapositions and sheer virtuosity. Barz.” -Adam Ledbetter

No. 1 “Lee’s Summit Pt. 1”

This verse is as of yet unreleased and was written as part of a solo debut rap project still in the works. This features that classic kitsch Roland jazz scat patch and borrows the chord progression from Adam & Kizzie‘s track “What You Can’t See”.

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