Music Gear

Music Gear

From musical instruments, effects pedals, and amplifiers to studio monitors, headphones and soundboards, there are a lot of options for music gear online. Sorry to say, a good amount of it is terrible. Based on pictures and vague descriptions, it is hard to know if you are buying a quality instrument or a mass produced piece of junk. 

While professional musicians can find the diamonds in the rough, it is difficult for the average musician to know how to narrow down the options. Often musicians are left combing through dozens of musical instrument reviews not knowing if what they are reading is coming from a truly qualified perspective. 

Fortunately, we have been tapping the sharpest Music Minds in the music business to help us sort through the multitudes and narrow down the options. 

As professional musicians, we typically find out about music gear while playing with other musicians, spending time in various recording studios and music venues while sourcing other musician friends for suggestions. At Music Minds, we are bringing those conversations to a public forum and we encourage our readers and fellow musicians to leave comments and suggestions and contribute to helping steer each other towards the best value music gear and musical instruments.


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We know that a lot of the best instruments in the world are not necessarily found online, but we also know that the majority of musicians are not looking for the most expensive hand crafted instruments that we professional musicians covet. Most musicians are looking for value.

With that in mind, we evaluate instruments by assessing the sound, the build, and the value of the instrument compared to its cost. With that information, we are able to narrow down the online instruments to make sure fellow musicians don’t throw away money on junk.

As the Music Minds community grows, we look forward to reviewing every musical instrument available online as well as studio equipment and even gear for concert photography and videography.

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