Marshall JVM Series 205C Guitar Combo Amp Review

Marshall JVM Series 205C Guitar Combo Amp Review

Marshall JVM Series 205C Guitar Combo Amp

Product Description:

        • 50-watt 2-channel All-tube 2×12″ Guitar Combo Amplifier with 3 Modes
        • Line Out – Black
        • MIDI Switching

The Marshall JVM205C 50watt 2×12 tube guitar combo amp is one of the best guitar amplifiers for the unmistakable roaring Marshall tone. The Marshall JVM 205C guitar amps have a balanced crisp clean tone to balance the attack with footswitchable channels to navigate between the six “modes” on the two independent channels that each have three gain stages.

There are also two footswitchable master volumes that make is very easy to manipulate the live sound during performances. The studio quality reverb on each channel can be used with the guitar amps combination of “modern” and “vintage” speakers that are unique to the JVM205C 50watt 2×12 guitar amplifiers.

With two builtin effects loops and a speaker-emulated XLR line out, these guitar amplifiers are definitely top tier guitar amps.

Mimi Chase
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Mimi has been working in the Music Industry since 2007. She excels in organization; fulfilling roles as an Artist Manager, Tour Manager & Production, Album Release, Budget Analyst etc. She sees a variety of Gear and Instruments from artists on the road, to venue's backline to hear what sounds the best and whats the most durable. She earned her Business Degree from Roanoke College, and utilizes those skills to promote Artist Growth!

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