Korg offers great instruments for electronic music with Digital Pianos, Drum & Percussion Synths, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Tuners and Metronomes.

The Korg corporation was founded in 1962 and manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors, electric tunes, recording gear and, guitar pedals. Korg also owns the Vox brand where they manufacture guitar amplifiers and electric guitars.

Korg has been innovating since the early 1960’s bringing inventions to the market that include the key transpose function, the feature effects on a synthesizer, and more.

By the 1980’s, Korg was a leader in the world of synthesizers. Today Korg has expanded to not only create incredible synthesizers, but also keyboards, computer software, DJ & Production Tools, computer gear, drums & percussion, digital piano, digital recorders, effects, tuners, metronomes, amplifiers, speakers, audio gear, performance technologies and more.

Korg has a long lasting reputation for great sound in digital music. Korg has especially excelled with their production of synthesizers, workstations, samplers, vocoders, organs, sound cards, groove boxes, MIDI controllers, computer software and musical arrangers. Korg artists include: Herbie Hancock John Batiste of Stay Human, The Colbert Show Bill Payne J-ROC Cory Henry of Snarky Puppy Adam Deitch of Lettuce Aaron Draper Steve Vai Omar Edwards Jack DeJohnette Michele Lupi Michael Bluestein Jana Kramer Anthony Williams Philip Towns LaDerrick Perry Jr. Joe Arick