James Casey Announces ‘Aux Chord’ Online Music Venue

Longtime Member of Trey Anastasio Band Launches Livestream Platform To Create Content, Connect Fellow Artists and Fans During Pandemic

   When the music industry was derailed in early March, musicians around the world were hit hard as their creative outlets and means of income got put on hold. There have been a variety of ways that musicians have adapted to the times and found alternatives to channel their creativity.


   There have been a fair amount of live streaming services that have come to fill the void to stream music.  


   One such an endeavor that has just rolled out into the world is the company Aux-Chord.  In the wake of the music industry turning to the live stream as a means of performing and making money, a well known multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer named James Casey dedicated himself to creating a new platform for musicians to connect with fans for live performances.

   In the spirit that we embrace at Music Minds, Aux-Chord is a “by musicians, for musicians” platform that focuses on quality over quantity.  The streaming platform is built to highlight the professional presentations that have quality Audio and Video and create a more formal space for online performances.  

   Instead of the tip based model that musicians are currently operating in online, Aux-Chord is designed to have ticketed events and create a more formal platform.  The concept is aimed at elevating the artists and creating a reliably high quality live stream for live music fans.

   It is encouraging to see companies like Aux-Chord entering the space of live streaming services for music.  With the natural overload of information taking over the internet, live stream services that help create quality filters are extremely valuable for both the professional musician and the music lover alike.

Via the Aux-Chord Press Release:

   Aux Chord will roll out its first event this Thursday, June 11 with a showcase starring Casey at 9 pm EST. Tickets are available for purchase now at www.auxchord.live, with other performances coming soon from Jennifer Hartswick and Nick Cassarino, Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini, Louis Cato and Erin Boyd. 

   “The goal of Aux Chord is to supply a place for the music community to continue to grow and thrive, and supply a place for music fans to be able to see great live music with great picture and sound,” Casey explains. “I doubt we’re the first to do this, and we definitely won’t be the last, but hopefully this can be a positive thing for the artists at large.”

   Casey is a resident of New York City and touring member of the Trey Anastasio Band. Towards the end of February, he anticipated the pandemic’s potential to erase nearly a calendar year’s worth of concert dates for many artists like himself. In a brainstorm session with partner Ayla Cobb while quarantined, he decided that a proper online venue could be the solution. With the help of web developer Stephen Small, Aux Chord: A Live Streaming Venue was created. 

   The site offers a platform for musicians to showcase behind a paywall – a venue to perform on without asking for charity. Musicians who perform on Aux Chord will set their own ticket prices, and receive a majority of ticket revenues. All fees are nominal and transparent, with no gouging or high overhead.

   “Hopefully this can be a resource for musicians, especially independent artists, in a time where we honestly aren’t able to perform and do what we’ve been working towards our whole lives. But what we can do is these live streams and create art for people to consume, especially considering that everyone is going through a whole lot right now,” Casey said. “This isn’t like going live on Facebook or Instagram and busking. The platform is about elevating that experience and really performing for the people. We’re putting on a show.”

You can join Aux Chord now to catch these intimate performances, virtual concerts in an online music venue. 

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