Jacquees: King of R&B

Jacquees King of R&B album coverKing of R&B

The title doesn’t lie- Jacquees is the King of R&B and this 18 track album is an instant classic. 

King of R&B is not advised on a first date- this new album is extremely sexual. The beats, song forms and vocals have favored fans for this artist. Jacquees is becoming a huge name in the R&B community for his creative yet classic style. This album feels brand new at the same time it feels familiar. And its something you will want to get intimate with. Its just too good not to know everything about it. 

     While every song on King of R&B is incredible, songs like “Round II,” “Good Lovin,” “Fact or Fiction,” “New New” and “What They Gone Do With Me” are major hits. Jacquees collaborated with several artists for this album including Future.  Don’t hesitate, cancel your plans for tonight and listen to this music. 

     As of now, Jacquees still has a show listed for April 25 at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. He also posted today that he was “gone til November” so we’ll see what this means as the music industry continues to be trampled by coronavirus.

     Jacquees announced he will be releasing a documentary discussing where he came from to where he is now. Perhaps we can put our eyes on this while we’re all home during this pandemic. Our eyes and ears will certainly be on the lookout!

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