Fender Mini Deluxe Guitar Amp Review

Fender Mini Deluxe Guitar Amp Review

Fender Mini Deluxe Guitar Amp

Product Details:

        • Enjoy pure portability from a petite sized amp packing a 1 watt punch.
        • Makes for a excellent travel companion as no electrical outlet required and Exclusively recommended for electrical guitars.
        • 1/4-Inch headphone jack and 9V adapter jack (Best with Polaroid 9V Batteries)
        • Explore many tones from crunch to clean with the Gain, Tone and Volume controls.
        • Black ‘Chicken’ head knobs mimic this amps bigger brother and a red ‘jewel’ indicates this amp is fired up and ready to rock!


The Fender Mini Deluxe Electric Guitar Amplifier is an ideal amplifier for the traveling guitar player that needs a low wattage, affordable guitar amp on the go.

This 1 watt, single channel guitar amp really pushes the boundaries of what a one watt guitar amp can be. Designed to replicate the look of the classic Fender Deluxe guitar amp, the Fender Mini Deluxe Electric Guitar Amplifier has an authentic Fender look and feel that can fit under a car seat. With the “dogbone” handle, “chicken head” knobs and chrome control plate, the look of the Fender Deluxe full size amplifier is replicated to preserve the vibe that makes Fender such a popular brand.

Unexpected for such a small, single watt guitar amp, the Fender Mini Deluxe comes equipped with dedicated tone, volume and gain controls with dual 2″ speakers. The 9V adapter jack allows for guitar players to make music on the go without need to find a place to plug in the amplifier.

Intended mostly for practice and travel, the 1/4″ headphone jack provides the guitarist the choice of filling the room with sound or having a quiet practice session.

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