Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212 Guitar Combo Amp Review

Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212 Guitar Combo Amp Review

Fender Hot Rod DeVille ML 212 Guitar Combo Amplifier

Product Information:

        • Explore rich expressive tones with the tube driven circuitry and Celestion V-Type Speakers
        • Pairs great with any guitar pedals and effects as well as outfitted with a high quality builtin effects loop
        • Play 2 guitars simultaneously or keep another guitar plugged in for back up with the 2 instrument inputs
        • Inculdes a 5 year transferrable warranty (1 year on the speakers)
        • Although the guitar amplifier is loud enough for most stages, a ¼ inch speaker jack is located under the chassis to increase the volume via an additional 8 or 4 ohm speaker cabinet


The Hot Rod DeVille ML guitar amplifier is a favorite amongst electric guitar players. Of all the Fender amps the Fender Hot Rod DeVille has found itself as the standard bearer for the Fender Guitars brand.

With the Michael Landau version of the Hot Rod DeVille, the Michael Landau signature model compliments the style of Landau with rich expressive tones and a live sound that a premier guitar player like Michael Landau was willing to put his name on.

With features like volume switching and boost capabilities added to the Fender Hot Rod Deville, Michael Landau has worked with Fender Guitars to deliver a powerful 60wass 2×12 guitar amp seriers with Celestion VType speakers, the fender signature luscious spring reverb and a built in effects loop.

Fender Guitars offer a protective slip cover and 2 button footswitch included with the electric guitar amp as well as a 5 year transferable warranty! (1 year on the speakers)

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