10 Best LGBT Queer Musicians & Bands – Los Angeles Edition

Madame Gandhi

Madame Gandhi is best known for her infusion of drumming paired with her electronic self produced music. Blending both tribal sounds with dance beats, her history of being MIAs drummer sets her apart in her style and strength. Her music in itself is vibrant and catchy and easy to dance to, but she also fashions it to encourage her listeners and inspire them. Gandhi’s approach of feminism and activism stretches far beyond her music and often leads to speaking engagements internationally. Her music, however, is a rich example of talent paired with a purpose to elevate and celebrate the female voice.



Torii Wolf 

From her soul-bearing vocals, paired with heavy beats and sensitive lyrics, Torii Wolf is a distinct pallet cleanser. With a background in drumming, she brings an avant-garde sound and powerful rhythms to DJ backed track performances. With her shaved head and androgynous style, she speaks to an audience of sensitive artistic types who love a little grit with their soft melodies. Her passion for creating and performance is unmistakable to her audience, making it effortless to be pulled in to one of her works of art.





Mortasay is a uniquely different married queer duo group, that sways their audience with a sophisticated eclectic indie soul sound.  With deep roots in both hip hop and rock, they blend their inspirations together to create a more experimental flavor that they describe as “Altered Native Soul”.  Their intent is to elevate and inspire the listeners experience by reimagining life from outside the lines society has constructed, by giving voice to the marginalized, and by unboxing our humanity. From their duplicitous nature of their lyrical content, to their driving rhythms and playful performances, Mortasay seeks to be a mouthpiece for conscious music lovers. 




Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is a multi-instrumentalist who blurs genres with her pop, soul, folk vocals. She puts her heart and soul into every song, writing and executing with vulnerability and deep emotion. With a background in the church choir and open mic nights, she brings her past experiences struggling with her sexuality in a conservative family to the table. Most known for making it to the top 11 of Season 12 of The Voice, shes continued her ascent to becoming a top pop artist of positive influence and impact. 





Muna is an electric dark pop band, made up of 3 queer and radical best friends. Known for toting their politics and opinions on their sleeve, they also lend hope to many struggling through their identity and truth. Through their music and lyrics, they shine a bright beacon to those experiencing similar issues of depression and failed relationships. They lean on the mantra of telling the truth through their sound and lyrics, even if vulnerable and raw.

Aina Breiyon 

Aina is a fearless musician who pushes boundaries and interpretations. Her hip hop and rap centered music stands out in contrast to a straight male dominated industry and mentality. Refusing to fit in any box, her lyrics push the listener to find their own understanding of self and live their life on purpose. Deciding to create her own record label, she has taken on the responsibility that image means less than talent, and pushes forward to creating in her own truth. Her determination is what truly distinguishes her vibe and sound.


Inspired by the likes of Sade and Michael Jackson, Samiere’s smooth vocals draw the listener in to reveal lyrics with nostalgic and sentimental intent. She uses her unique blended style of hip hop, pop, and RnB to create her own chill wave sound that ripples across genres. Through her music, she has found refuge and strength to overcome traumatic obstacles as well as encourage others similarly to press on and chase their dreams. Never dismissing pain or brokenness, instead she makes beauty out of ashes. 

Deap Vally

Deap Vally brings unapologetic strength and feminine energy to the front of the stage and then smacks you right in the face. These bombshells bring garage rock to life with their heavy gritty guitar and drum driven sound.  With their sharp lyrics and psychedelic vamps, it’s easy to find yourself vibing out imagining yourself in a dark smoke filled bar.  Recently pairing up with rock legends The Flaming Lips, they will be releasing a new album together this March entitled Deap Lips. 


This power packed riot pop girl band, blend their inspirations from current pop music and riot girl music from the 90’s. Touching on subjects such as feminism, human rights and LGBTQ+ visibility, they pack a dance punk punch. Geared towards feel good music you can dance to, they look to influence others with their energetic sound and high energy live performances. 

Kera and the Lesbians 

Although described as indie alternative, Kera considers her music more precisely as “bipolar folk”. Her musical vibe leans towards an insouciant mix of surf, rockabilly, swing and gypsy sounds, and rely on her early inspirations of listening to the oldies channel with her father. Her heavy coarse tone creates a dark moody vibe that sinks into your soul. You can feel her intensity through her vocals, hiding nothing and revealing everything. 
She prides herself in creating music and performances that offer others like her a chance to take up space and feel safe doing so.

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