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Paris Monster Spring 2020 Shows

Paris Monster live imageWhat is Paris Monster and Why do you need to see them this year?

Its a drummer and bassist that create monstrous music. Their sound is soulful yet beat driven with synth sounds that will have you drooling on your feet. They create soundscapes that transcend you and their instrumental technique makes them a band that other musicians cherish! Their latest album Lamplight may go down as one of the best albums of all time.


Drummer Josh Dion is a…  monster of a drummer. But if thats not enough, he plays a synth with his right hand while drumming. What?! How?! Who is he? He’s Josh Dion, of Paris Monster.


Bassist Geoff Kraly is a monster creator. His bass solos, use of guitar pedals and effects, and his tone will leave  you dumbfounded. Geoff’s lyrics are that on a level of Thom Yorke and Bon Iver. He’s a master at word imagery. And wait until you see his eurocrack modular!

Paris Monster 2020 Spring Tour


02/28- NYC

03/06- Columbus OH

03/07- Pittsburgh PA

03/29- Qubec Canada

04/02- Brooklyn NY

04/03- Hartford CT

04/04- Philadelphia PA

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