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Musicians and Fans Agree: GroundUP Music Festival is the Best Festival Experience

Why do Musicians and Fans favor GroundUP Music Festival?

Because there is no festival like it. From the atmosphere and design, to the performers, and of course 

GroundUp Music Festival by Josh Holliday of Shaun Martinthe Miami weather! GroundUP is Snarky Puppy’s label, company, etc. Snarky Puppy hosts this three-day  festival in Miami Beach every February. Founder, Michael League hand selects the artists that perform each year.

There’s always new musicians on the festival lineup and some GroundUP Artists that alternate years. League’s goal was to bring new music to the audience that he has discovered, its bands that he appreciates and wants to feature at his festival. Discovering all this new music is like following your favorite artists’ playlists, but better. You get to see these hand-selected musicians perform for one Festival entry.

The Scenery and Ambiance

The GroundUP Music Festival takes place at the North Miami Bandshell- a venue right on the beach. If you purchase a Premium or All-In pass, you also get access to the artist lounge, an indoor space with a balcony to view the small stage, indoor seating, food and bar. This is where the Artist Brunches are hosted each morning, and where the artists hang out when they aren’t performing- its a great way to meet your favorite musicians.

If you don’t feel like splurging, the General Admission passes are still incredible. There are hammocks setup around the small tent, multiple bars and food stations, coffee, vendors… its everything you need. And don’t worry, the musicians are walking around the grounds too (not just hiding in the lounge), so keep your eyes peeled… you never know who might see! Tickets are available now to the 2021 festival, Feb 12-14.


GroundUp Music Festival by Josh Holliday of Larnell Lewis

Want More? Don’t miss the Late Nights!

Each night different artists perform- it may be a musician from another band performing their own music, or a new band you didn’t see that day.  2020 featured Snarky Puppy’s Chris Bullock and his Boomtown project, a set by drummer Larnell Lewis, and guitarist Mark Lettieri’s own music. Each year typically has one night end with Shaun Martin’s Go Go Party that will have you dancing until 4am!

Photos of Shaun Martin and Larnell Lewis by Josh Holliday,


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