Epiphone EJ-160E Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Epiphone EJ160 3

Epiphone EJ-160E Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Epiphone EJ-160E Acoustic Electric Guitar

      • Dreadnought acoustic electric guitar
      • Spruce top with mahogany side, back and neck.
      • Gibson Volume and Tone Controls
      • Rosewood fret board
      • 20 frets
      • Stacked p-100 electronic configuration
      • I band preamp equalizer


The Epiphone EJ-160E acoustic electric guitar is one of the most coveted guitars of the modern age because of its association to the legend John Lennon. It is a full dreadnought guitar with Gibson style tuners and Gibson style volume and tone controls.

Above the sound hole is the humbucking stacked P-100 pickup for enhanced sound reproduction. The guitar produces a revolutionary electronic sound because of the ingenious sound pickup model and full size potentiometer in all controls.

The guitar comes in vintage natural or sunburst finishes that give a classic look and feel to the guitar. If you want to be revered by guitar enthusiast around you or motivate yourself with a professional piece of equipment then the Epiphone ej-160e acoustic electric guitar is it.

The acoustic sound is quite bright and lively for a dreadnought model. The setup is well done and the guitar comes tuned and with little to no tuning you will have a good pitch. The guitar opens up after using it for some time so keep playing your Epiphone for the perfect sound.

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