Elephant Wrecking Ball Has A New Album Coming Out And Everyone Should Be Paying Attention

The idea that music should fit into a box has long been a passing idea.Elephant Wrecking Ball new music Joy Front With just about every song ever written being available to the ears of the modern musician, technology has changed the whole concept of what a “genre” is supposed to be.

Album Review

Nothing quite embodies the blending of genres through technology like the new album by Elephant Wrecking Ball.  Titled JOY FRONT, this masterful work by EWB successfully weaves funky jazz concepts over beds of electronic infused dub grooves, proving that embracing a variety of styles can be channeled into an identity that is focused and pure despite its lack of a singular genre.  


The Musicians in Elephant Wrecking Ball

The band which features Scott Flynn (Trombonist for Odesza), Neal “Fro!” Evans (Drummer for Dopapod) and Dan Africano (Current touring bassist for Ghost Light), have created something truly special with their latest album.  

The trombone led power trio recently burst onto the scene with their unique blend of electronic dub and funky jazz stylings.  When Hype Magazine described Elephant Wrecking Ball as “interstellar” and “beyond the means of reasonable music imagination,” Hype successfully put into words the unending creativity that this power trio has harnessed.  

Drawing from their collective experiences recording and touring with groups like John Brown’s Body, Dopapod, Turkuaz, Pretty Lights, Ghost Light, Odesza, Big Daddy Kane and Break Science, the new album JOY FRONT offers the perfect match of music influence and unmistakable identity.  


With the album dropping this October, the band will be hitting the road this fall, bringing the new songs to life in their one-of-a-kind performances.  


For tour dates and more information about the album, check out their website https://www.elephantwreckingball.com/

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