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Free Your Mind Album Review

Corona is not the only thing poised to go viral in 2020.  Big Gigantic just dropped a new album that is so slick it will no doubt be the soundtrack to the lives of all the BG fans around the world.  
As one of the first bands to catapult themselves to the top of the EDM scene using real saxophone and live drumming, Big Gigantic proved that as good as a DJ can be alone, throwing live instrumentation into the mix is the musical upgrade we all need.  
The stylistic integrity of the album is uncompromised as it is a booty shaking, dance record through and through.  With the theme intact, the duo uses choice collaborators to venture through funk, jazz and hip hop.  
The title track “Free Your Mind” features vocalist and trumpet player Jennifer Hartswick and provides the anthem of the album.  The funky horn arrangements are reminiscent of the funk band Lettuce, and a jazzy outro that shows of the skills of Dominic Lalli, who is as talented a sax player as a songwriter and DJ.
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The hip hop grooves on the album are impressive as the band crosses genres with songs like St. Lucia featuring Felly and Supergiant featuring TOBi.  Each tune has a catchy hook and a strong flow that is likely to help this album gained popularity as a multi genre album.  
Ultimately this is more of the strong funky EDM dance music that Big Gigantic is known for.  Another strong album that should end up in more TV Commercials and dance club playlists.
With their 2020 release of “Free Your Mind” Big Gigantic highlighted a long list of collaborators including:
Jennifer Hartswick
The Funk Hunters
Pell, Louis Futon
Lyle Divinsky

Streaming for Free Your Mind is available on all platforms.

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