Derek Trucks by Michael Weintrob Instrumenthead

Michael Weintrob’s Instrumenthead

Capturing the Physical Art of Musicians

     Its not easy capturing live music performances, theres always a crowd to get through, a microphone in the way, or waiting for the lights to fall perfectly. But thats not what Michael Weintrob’s Instrument is about. Sure, he captures live performances (incredibly well), but he’s created something else in the world of music photography that may never be able to be replicated or replaced. 

     At Weintrob’s studio in Nashville TN, he has welcomed the greatest artists of our time, the biggest names, the most talented humans. His instrument is his camera, and the art he creates with it is paralleled to the art these musicians create with their instruments.
     This is the best coffee table book. Keep this in mind next time you need to buy a gift- Instrumenthead is something that will be appreciated not just to whomever you gift it to, but all that get to see and enjoy it. Its a conversation starter- guessing which artist you’re looking at, reminiscing on your favorite musicians and being in complete amazement over this genius music photography.

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Images Copyright Michael Weintrob.

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