Coronavirus’ Effect On The Music Industry

The Music Industry is working through

     Public Health and Safety- its a global concern. And the music industry is being vastly effected by the current outbreak of COVID-19. 
     Shows in China and Japan were immediately cancelled and those music venues and working diligently with the booking agents to re-schedule. On February 1, 2020, GroundUp guitarist Charlie Hunter released a statement that he had to cancel his shows. Lots of his fans commented, most in support of his announcement but some questioned if it was necessary. Again- being cautious for the overall health and safety of the mass public is a tough decision to make when it effects your business- yes music is a business for most artists. It effects musicians’ schedules, income, travel plans and it effects their fans- something that deeply hurts anytime a show has to be cancelled.

     And then coronavirus hit Italy. Same story- music venues had to cancel shows, musicians had to cancel their flights, and fans were left with nothing to do this weekend. Thats the first part. The next part of these business decisions, is re-scheduling. Most venues are already booked with lots of great artists for months to come, so how do they squeeze in an artist? And the artists are already booked in other cities and countries- how do they squeeze this trip back in? Its a lot of conversations between the music clubs, the booking agents, artist managers, travel agencies and insurance companies. 


     Of course, things will get re-booked. But it takes a lot of industry work to make it happen. 


     But there are some musicians like Snarky Puppy’s Bob Reynolds whose international travel didn’t get cancelled, and they’re noticing quite a difference on planes, in airports and around cities. Luckily, the music lovers are still coming out to support them!

Musicians and Music Venues Re-Scheduling Shows due to COVID-19


     Not all artists have had to cancel their international travel plans, but if you were hoping to see your favorite band and they couldn’t make it over- just know it wasn’t a decision that was easy for them to make. 


UPDATE: SXSW 2020 officially canclled by The City of Austin.

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